Our Story

Welcome! I’m David, The Handy Hobo.  My web-shy fiance and I have created this DIY Camper Conversion Guide to help others build their dream home on wheels.  This guide covers everything from making an eletrical budget  to picking a mattress options, so even though we built a Truck Canopy Camper, it should be general enough for any base vehicle.

The reasons why moving into a pickup was exactly the right decision for us are complicated, but probably not all that unique in this community.  If you’re curious about that side of things and want to follow along with us in our journey, please check out our blog section and follow us on social media.  Don’t expect too many updates once we hit the road though, this is our honeymoon after all.

Everything else around here is about helping others prepare for their own adventures.  We would be honored if folks are willing to help out by posting comments and feedback on the articles, we’ll try our best to promptly correct any inaccuracies people spot.  Peer review is a good thing!

If you find the content helpful we hope you’ll show your support by checking out some of the affiliate links.  Sorry if it seems tacky, these almost-newly-weds just want to keep the honeymoon going as long as possible.

All the best,

Belle and David

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Goodbye for now PNW!

Disclaimer: Buying things via the links on this page may earn us money.
This guide is a labor of love that someday *might* offset part of our cost. We hope that readers feel like this guide is a "good deal" even with the links and ads.