Back-up and Reverse Cameras For Camper Conversions

Reverse Cameras Versus Always-on Rear View Cameras in Campers

  • As soon as we bought the truck we installed a license plate frame reversing camera as well as a new stereo deck to display the image.  We’ve been really impressed with the quality on this.  The only thing is we wish the peripheral view wasn’t partially obscured by the bumper (license plate is very recessed on the truck’s bumper, this wouldn’t be an issue on most vehicles).
  • In addition to the backup camera that only comes on when the truck is in reverse, we want to be able to see what’s behind us when we’re barreling across the Trans Canada Highway.  We have all the wires in place for an always-on LCD that mounts to the existing rear view mirror and displays a feed from a camera above the camper door in back.  We haven’t driven with this in place yet, the canopy is yet to arrive, but the image quality from the LCD + camera combo seemed totally passable when we tried it out in the garage.  If you want to have an always-on rear view camera make sure you can disable parking assist lines.  Or in the case of the one we linked, it’s a model that specifically doesn’t have them.

For us it made sense to install both, since we plan on using the truck with the camper detached AND we figured it couldn’t give us a worse view of what was going on back there to have 2.

Proximity and Motion Sensors for Campers

  • We bought this parking sensor pack, but we’re waiting to install it until we have the camper in place.  There’s no sense installing it in the bumper if we’re going to have the tailgate permanently down for a year.  We also didn’t want to install it in the truck’s pretty chrome bumper.  Note that if you do want to install in a chrome bumper, you’ll need a step bit for cutting metal. The bit they included in the kit won’t even make a mark.  It’s probably pretty silly, but it was cheap.  Anyone have experience with it?
  • We’re also installing a motion activated security system of sorts, more about that over here.

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