Awning Options For Camper Conversions

There’s a lot of interesting options out there for your Camper Conversion Awning.  We eventually settled on a DIY awning plus a huge SUV tent, but that’s probably not the right decision for most other people.  The options are…

    • Fancy Motorized RV awnings – wasn’t considered, nothing to say
    • Manual RV Awnings – you can find these for 300+ dollars in just about any width you want. They all have legs that you have to fold down and lines to set in high wind as far as we could see.
      • Many of these also have accessory packages for bug screened or fully enclosed tent-rooms that hang down from the awning.  You can also DIY one for $50-100.

  • deluxe camper conversion awningManual 270 degree Awnings – These are super cool, but crazy expensive.  Especially once you decide
    • These also have accessory packages for bug screened or fully enclosed tent-rooms, but they get even more expensive.  They look great though, it was on the wishlist for a year, but we decided we could live with the hassle of setting up an SUV Tent for when we wanted enclosed space, and a simple DIY awning for when we just wanted some quick shade for the amount of money we’d save.

      delux camper conversion awning
  • Tarps, Tents, and other things that are more work to setup
    • Rustic "Pop-out" for camper conversionWe eventually just went with this SUV tent – it checked all the boxes a rhinorack+foxwing awning+accessory walls did at a fraction of the price.  It’ll just be a pain to setup…  But it satisfies our Camper Conversion design goal of modularity and was cheaper, so much cheaper. We have not used this thing yet – all we know is that the amazon specs don’t lie, it’s huge and heavy.  Stay tuned!
    • A tarp, some paracord, and free time are things any #trucktramping Camper Conversion vagabond should have plenty of.  And with that you should be able to rig something up that works.  Just remember to be ready for wind and think about where rain might drain.  If you have doubts about either consider pulling it down if you’ve going to be away from camp for a while.

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