DIY Motion Activated Lights and Siren for Camper Conversion

Please see our parent post on security for more general info.  What follows is just part of what (hopefully) works for us, you might want something else.  Warning: This is just a fun, crazy experiment at this point, it’s probably going to be too sensitive and finicky to actually be practical, but we’ll see.

The Idea

12 Motion Sensors are cheap!

We’ve already got flood lights, why not add $30 worth of motion sensors, relays, and wires to make them motion activated? And if you’re going to do that, how about another $10 to add an air raid siren?

How useful this thing is depends entirely on how many false positives it gives, but at the very least it will be nice to have a manual siren switch to try and startle things away.  If false positives are a big problem, we’ll incorporate a programmable arduino and maybe even some better sensors.

The Interface

Our Tuck Camper Conversion’s security system will be controlled by 4 switches:

  1. (Manual) Lights On/Off
  2. Motion Activated Lights On/Off
  3. Motion Activated Siren On/Off
  4. (Manual) Siren On/Off

We got some aircraft toggle switches with red safety covers for the siren modes, it’s gonna be rad.

The Shopping List

cheap 12v flood lights we’re already mounting for general lighting purposes
camper conversion security system
12V siren mounted under hood
We’re using a smaller version of this fuse block for all the 12V stuff in the truck bed
camper conversion security system
12v motion sensors
These aircraft switches can be ordered with a red safety cover that looks like (in a 10 year old boy sort of wa















Anybody done something similar? Will we get it working?  Or will this post and this pile of parts haunt our garage for all eternity?


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