Coffee in a Camper Conversion

our espresso machine
You can’t take it with you…

Don’t get the wrong idea, we feel incredibly lucky to be on this adventure, but the quality of our morning coffee is definitely going to take a hit.  Back when we were thinking of doing a Sprinter conversion we talked about bringing our full espresso+grinder setup, but even then it was too ridiculous.  It’s a bit embarrassing the degree to which we’re prioritized coffee while camping, even for two Seattle natives.  Apparently we’re fine with no access to fresh water or food just so long as we can make coffee in bed.  That and it seemed sensible to keep food in the cab away from the sleeping area when camping with the lions and bears, but that’s probably something for my post about layout planning :).

What do you folks prefer on the road?  Manual vs Electric Coffee Grinder? Or *gasp* pre-ground!?

If you’re interested, we’ve spent a bunch of time shooting video reviews and articles for some of our favorite camping coffee setups below.  We hope you’ll agree that the content is so high quality and delivered with such transparency that the affiliate links aren’t too tacky.

Remember, Even good instant coffee is only for use in an actual, zombie-apocalypse level emergency



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