Our DIY “Chuckbox” Camping Kitchen

Our vehicle budget always topped out around 12K, so we always new our build would probably outlast the vehicle.  Because of that we always planned on building a modular chuckbox” instead of a built in cabinet/stove deal. It also made sense given that we prefer cooking outdoors and don’t want to stealth camp.




Designing Our ChuckBox

We wanted something that could fit between the foot of our bed the the end of the camper.  It had to be narrow enough to not block the door opening, but could be taller than mattress height.  It wasn’t so much that we wanted the chuckbox here, it’s that out there on extended tailgate you’re putting weight exactly where the truck doesn’t want it.  That means we’ve used most of the rest of the space that might work for stuff like water, batteries, fridges.  More about layout planning here.

The only thing we’re planning on being to prepare inside is coffee.  The coffee gear will either be accessible via the front of the chuck box or we’ll add some shelves on the wall.  The goal is to keep that area as open as possible though for changing / putting on shoes.




If you’re going to have the cover hinge off, why not try to make it a workspace?  It’s needs better support though, the whole thing looks really tipy in this drawing.





The chuck box in place.  The theory is that it’s light weight enough to easily pull in and out (and doesn’t put too much load on the gate).





Building Our ChuckBox

AND!!!! Planning is as far as it’s gotten.  If we haven’t finished this by our departure date, May 15, 2017, then all of our cooking stuff is in a plastic bin and we’re just using the cool waffleboard tables we made.


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