Modularity: Our default design choice

When we were plotting a Sprinter Van conversion we had dreams of built in EVERYTHING! Built in water tanks, built in cabinets, built in bed frame all finished to match and super professional looking.  If we were investing 50K in a base vehicle then maybe that approach would still be appropriate, but when you’re building out an 11 year old truck you’ve got to assume the build is going to outlast the base vehicle.  Either that or we’ll come to our senses and buy a huge van like all the cool kids.

So when it came to a heater? Mr. Heater can easily be moved to a new build. Fridge? Portable Dometic will be handy in future rigs AND as an overflow fridge during the holidays. Stove / Water? plain ol’ Coleman and 2x 7 gallon jugs that we already own.

As for the truck canopy and it’s solar + electrical setup?  The dream is to one day turn it into my office – an outbuilding on our eventual homestead.  Just build a platform, some ~5ft walls, and throw the truck canopy on top.

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