DIY (Recovery) Waffle Board Tables

You’ve found another page that represents merely a plan, a dream, a hope.  For more information about waffle boards / recovery boards / sand ladders and other kinds of recovery tools for getting unstuck please check out the parent post.

Our DIY waffle board table plan draws from a few DIY projects on forums and this commercial product: .  The company has a website with a number to call to inquire about shipping outside of Australia, check it out, looks classy.

We needed our waffle boards fast though, so went with a north american supplier and intend to build some feet ourselves.  The squares have an interior dimension of 33mm even, we think with a bit of coercing we might be able to use 1″ PVC for legs and have them snug enough that no additional supports were needed.  Otherwise it’s a pair of wood “H”‘s lying on their side, with little notches cut to secure the edges of the waffle board.  Or even our $20 pair of harbor freight saw horses would work for that matter. Something like this.  Backup plan established!

But as i said, at this point all we’ve got is this pair of waffle boards.  They seam super sturdy, but 18lbs a piece feels heavier than we expected.  A 36 lbs camp table might be heavy enough that we’re going to hesitate to actually set it up, we’ll see.  We still think this is a good idea though, if you’ve already decided to carry boards, may as well make ’em multipurpose.

One thing about boards, if you use them in mud expect that they’ll be utterly caked until you have access to a hose.  For this reason we’re planning on usually storing these in the cab behind the fridge for security reasons, but will have pegs to store them on the ladder rack if they’re dirty.

More details to follow by Mid 2017. If not then we ended up just using sawhorses to support our waffle board table.

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