Shower Options for Camper Conversions

truck camper conversion solar shower
Our 20 year old shower, a legacy

In the small confines of our Truck Canopy Camper Conversion any shower option was definitely going to happen outdoors.  Because we’re both dirty hippies from Seattle we prioritized hot water for coffee way above hot water for showers, but that may not be right for everybody.  We’ll be taking a 20 year old 5 gallon solar shower and a tarp, what about you?

Locating Your Shower

  • truck camper conversion shower tent
    Cheap shower/toilet tent

    Pre-made Portable shower/bathroom tents

    • These are incredibly cheap these days and very easy to setup.  We still haven’t decided between one of these and a custom tarp setup, but it’s hard to justify putting much effort into DIY when they’re so cheap.
  • DIY tents and enclosures
    • Adding some extra grommets to the tarp you’re already bringing turns it into a passable shower enclosure.  This is particularly great if you’ve got double doors in the back of your rig, as they give you 3 “walls” to hang the tarp against.
      tarps and towels, never leave home without them.

      A grommet kit has everything you need to add more grommets (holes) to your tarp (except a hammer). make sure you get the right size for the hooks you’re using.


Camper COnversion Outdoor shower options
Use stickable hooks to hang on vehicle and these types of hooks to hang on rods or ine.







  • Floors for Outdoor Showers
  • Indoor Showers – Having a shower indoors is ideal if you have the space for it, especially if you plan on stealth camping, but it has some drawbacks.
    • Space Drawbacks: Even if you have a combo toilet/shower area, you’re going to be dedicating a lot of space.  Four Wheel Campers has a slide-in camper where the shower curtain actually goes up in the middle of the living area.  While novel, it looked like such a pain to setup that it would rarely get used.
    • Drainage Drawbacks: The (grey) water has to go somewhere.  Not only is it responsible to not dump this directly on the ground in most places, it’s essential if you’re trying to pull of stealth camping. This adds a bunch of complexity to any build, especially in terms of keeping the grey water storage tank below the pan of the shower (for gravity drainage).

Hot water Sources

  • For more information, please check out our post on hot water options over here 
  • Solar – This is what we’re doing for now.  You might do this with a black “solar shower” bag, paint a bucket black, or build an elaborate network of black ABS pipes on the top of your camper.  We’re just taking a bag – On cloudy days we’ll be able to boost the temperature with hot water from the electric kettle or propane stove as needed.
  • Electric – We didn’t really look at the amp-hour impact of heating shower water with electricity, do you have more info we should include here?
  • truck camper conversion propane shower
    Outdoor propane shower

    Propane – Most RVs and large, hi-end conversion have a propane water heater.  They can be either “inline” (tankless) or have a small tank.

Delivery Methods

  • Gravity – Getting the water above your head will be enough to provide a slow trickle of water.
  • truck camper conversion electric shower pump
    12V DC Powered pump + shower head (not a heater)

    Electric Pump – You may already have an electric pump for your faucet that you can use, either with a switchable splittle or a faucet->hose adapter.  Or you can by a dedicated unit that you can drop into your bucket of hot water.

    truck camper conversion electric shower faucet connector adapter
    This adapter can attach a hose to your faucet, utilizing your existing pump



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