And we finally come to the elephant in the Camper Conversion… Toilets.  What you choose here will depend on where you camp, your comfort level with “black water”, and even your yoga proficiency (squat).

Belle, the woman of David’s dreams, proudly prefers s**ting in the woods like mother nature intended (always away from water in a 6″ deep hole), so we went with this toilette and hope that we never have to use it because black water sounds icky (read more later).  But we wanted to have it as a backup since we’ll be camping in places with no privacy (open desert) or sensitive ecosystems (blm, walmart).


  • light weight plastic trowel

    Disclaimer: Observe local laws and regulations about urinated or defecating on public or private land. Always get at least 200 ft from any body of water.

Portable Urinals

  • These are common for men and women living in Camper Conversions. Even if you have a toilette, you want to use it as seldom as possible because it’s so horrible to empty.  We’ll probably get one for both of us, but David hasn’t brought it up to Belle yet, he doesn’t think she’s ready for this reality.
    truck camper conversion bathroom setups
    for men
    truck camper conversion bathroom setups
    for women

    truck camper conversion bathroom setups
    makes women (at least) as accurate as men if you’re going to use disposable bottles.


  • When WELL LINED with plastic bags, can be a toilette as well as serve other purposes around camp.
  • Cheaper than a toilette even if you get a fancy seat
  • Just tie the bag up and never really interact with your feces
    • These bags, while initially horrifying (and warm, horrifyingly warm), are arguable as easy to dispose of as a child’s diaper.
  • We ended up going with the toilette, but it could have gone either way.

    You can even get a hitch mount for your bucket.


  • A toilette has a water tank on top (ours is 2.6 gallon, 27 flushes) that’s used to help wash feces down the bowl into a black water storage tank in the bottom.  This tank is removable and can be dumped down a toilet.  We haven’t don’t it yet, but youtube’s unanimous opinion seems to be that it’s pretty gnarly even with the chemical neutralizers we’ll be adding.
  • You’ll need to think about how you’ll supply water to flush the toilette, but in general in should be easier than finding clean drinking water. For more about all things water take a look at our post over here.

Nicer Options

  • We never really considered anything nicer.  If you do decide to dedicate space to a toilet, remember you may also be able to use that space as a shower.

Worst part of #vanlife #trucktramping?  Or not that bad?

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