DIY Custom Center Console

The plastic center console in our 2006 double cab tundra was low and akward. It extended too far into the back, making the center seat unusable and it wasn’t tall or wide enough to use as an arm rest, making 6’2 David quite uncomfortable on long drives.  For a while we considered putting a 12V fridge in place of our center console, Dometic makes one just for that purpose, but we decided if we were going to pay all that money for a 12V fridge we were going to get the biggest one we could accommodate, not be bound by the space between the armrests.  We also thought it’d be a pain reaching over the seat every time you wanted to get something out of the fridge.  We want to optimize for time spent parked not driving.  More about that decision over here.

So currently Goldilocks has a bare metal where a center console should be.  If you still see this message as of May 15, 2017 then we’re taking our honey-moon road trip with bare metal and wires all over the floor of the cab.

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