Hello World!

A new year a new chapter! After months of scheming my fiance and I have quit our jobs to focus on building a truck camper, selling everything off, renting out the house, and hitting the road to explore the country and find the perfect rural homestead to start our lives together.

We’re nothing if not transparent – We’re hoping to support our trip via the affiliate links in the how-to guides we publish.  We take people’s trust very seriously and will do everything we can do make it clear what we actually own, what we’ve actually used on the road, etc.  Please let us know what you think, it’s important to us that we strike the right balance.

Speaking of what we own… Right now we have an insanely intimidating pile of truck camper guts in the garage, but nothing’s installed because the aluminum canopy won’t be ready till mid-April.  Which is totally fine because we still need to: 1) Finish planning our wedding 2) test wire up the electrical system 3) get the house ready for rental.  No biggie right?

Once that canopy arrives in mid-April though, it’s ON with daily updates on the construction process! We’re hitting the road May 15th no matter what, so if the truck camper isn’t ready this blog may get re-branded as “2 Miserable Honeymooners Car camp in an ’05 Mini-Cooper for 6 months”.  Actually i bet people would totally watch that huh?  That’s prime time reality television gold right there.

Thanks for visiting, please stay tuned for lots more content in the coming weeks!

Belle and David

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This guide is a labor of love that someday *might* offset part of our cost. We hope that readers feel like this guide is a "good deal" even with the links and ads.