RV Restoration vs DIY Camper Conversion?

Belle and I saw this thing cruising along I5 the other day!  It got me thinking that i need to add “RV Restoration” as an option in the DIY Camper Conversion Guide.  If the inside looks like the outside, i’m guessing they’ll be starting from scratch AFTER they gut it, clean it, patch it, and paint it.

There are a lot of neglected RVs like this in the rainy PNW, but you rarely seeing ’em actually rolling.  I’m choosing to believe they had just bought it to restore rather than driving it to a junkyard.

Starting from scratch seems easier than dealing with that thing, I’d rather be using a saw than a bleach soaked sponge any day, but if it ran well and the price was right I could definitely see it.  There’s no denying that thing could be beautiful in an ugly sort of way.


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